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PICAXE020 Project Board, PICAXE 28X2 Chip, Download Cable and Battery Box, Pre-assembled

This starter kit contains everything required to gain familiarity with the PICAXE-28 system, includes the PICAXE-28X2 microcontroller.

The kit includes a standard pre-assembled project board PICAXE020. Manuals and tutorials. Plus a 3AA Switched battery box BH0062 and Serial download cable All required software is now available from www.picaxestore.com


  • Kit is pre-assembled
  • Low cost and simple to use
  • Program using BASIC or by graphical flowcharts
  • Easy to use Program Editor software
  • Extensive manuals and online support forum Requires either 3x AA alkaline batteries (not included) - see Batteries section, or a regulated 5V DC supply.


Standard X2 part Features (28X2, 40X1 parts)


all X part features plus
program memory 16x larger than A part (1000 lines)
hardware i2c (master & slave), spi and serial functions
internal timer
increased variables and separate scratchpad
enhanced mathematical capabilities
real life line by line simulation


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