## Now Selling Behringer!! ## In addition to the growing product range in stock already, we can get any product on request.

New Store Opening Soon

Watch this space! West Auckland is about to get a whole lot cooler with our new pro Audio & Lighting store opening 2nd Feb in Henderson!

Featured Products

5mw 3 in 1 red laser pointer **SELL OUT** (Buy 4 for $10)
Code: LA0155

Pointer, Torch, UV LED Money Check


Party Light Package 1 - 3 Light Deal
Code: 153.736

Moon - Strobe and Mini Star Ball


LED Tape Kit - with Controller and Supply - RGB Colour
Code: 153.758

300 LEDS - IP65 - 5 Metres


Blacklight UltraViolet Holder and Tube
Code: 160.415

120cm / 4 Foot Long



Laser Mini Red Green M800 (RG) CR-TEC
Code: DL5390

150mw Red Green


Smoke Machine - 500 Watt Output
Code: 160.436

Includes 250ml Smoke Fluid


Raspberry Pi Model B+ with 4x USB Ports
Code: RPI0101

Credit-Card sized computer board


The Famous Electronic Fly Zapper x 2
Code: TOY0120

Buy 2 for $20 - Free Batteries !!