"GREAT these have a lot of " bite" Very good better than our other one which we paid more for...... We will buy again from GREAT DEALERS..."

"Excellent product. Better than any other fly zapper I've seen or used to date. Well constructed and strong, Not flimsy like some others. Good circuitry - Its like a lightning storm in your hand! Bugs Tiny and large dont stand a chance. Highly Recommended."

"this "fly swat" is the ONE!!!! hands downs the best we've ever had in NZ"

You are buying two units, His and Hers

As soon as you get this home your mates will want to take it off you hence we sell them in two's

These really work and you will find yourself willing flys, mossies and other pest to cross your path

Our BUG ZAPPER, is the fastest, cleanest and most effective insect terminator. looking a bit like a tennis racket, this fly-killer is lightweight and certainly effective, and seems to generate a lot of curiosity. The Electro-swat is a cross between a traditional fly swatter and the electrostatic fly killers that often hang in butchers shops. The result is one of the most effective (and, dare we say "fun"?) solutions to the summer fly problem we have seen. What's more, the Bug Zapper is completely safe and the replaceable batteries last a long time

The Chinese/English instructions will have you laughing before you open the pack.

A high voltage charge is created via two AA batteries that zaps fly's into oblivion.

I sell out of these every year and a new shipment has just landed.

Ideal for picnics, use in the kitchen & home, while fishing, on the boat, at BBQ's, garden parties, or while camping or in the caravan

Effective against Wasps, Flies, Mosquitoes, Gnats, Spiders & Horseflies

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